International Sympsium

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Since its inception, the Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon has been elucidating the policy caliber of the Seoul Art Spaces through annual international symposium which it has been designing with timely topics, and has accomplished intellectual transfusion regarding future projects of Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon.

Inspecting past topics by year, we have covered strategies of artist residencies as actively designed by local governments and the private sector since the late 2000s (2009), community art and the issue of local revitalization, which have been a great trend of arts and culture throughout the world (2010), and ways for the arts, industry and industrial zones to coexist (2011), and the fourth symposium was held in the auditorium of the Seoul Museum of History in 2012 with the title “Myth or Reality: Policy, the Artist and Community.” It investigated the accomplishments and critical outlook of locally based artistic activities as viewed from the fields of cultural sociology, arts policy and contemporary art. In detail, discussion topics included the issue of the arts being used for welfare, serially or otherwise, studies pointing to inaccuracies in justifications for supporting certain community arts policies, and movements among citizens’ groups and alternative spaces to gain independence from government support, etc.