"2012 Geumcheon Blues" by Im Heung-soon & Geumcheon Mrs.

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2012 Geumcheon Blues_Im Heung-soon & Geumcheon Mrs.

- Period: 2012.07 ~ 2012.11
- Location: Geumcheon Art Space
- Workforce: About 27 people (Artist Im Heung-soon, Producer Kim Min Kyeong, Assistant Director Jang hyeon Nam/Lee Jung Eun, Artists Mun Saetbyeol/Seo Igyeom ets.)
- Participant: Total 403 people (participants 53 people, Spectators 350 people

Artist’s note:
<Geumcheon Blues> is in the same line of succession with OO Talkative Project, <Private Museum>, which Im Heung-soon had created with housekeepers in Geumcheon-gu during his stay in residence (2010-2012), <Private Museum 2>, done with housekeepers in the city of Yongin, and <Private Museum 3>, in which the artist had interviewed female workers of the former Guro Industrial Complex.

This project consisted of producing a movie which reinterpreted and reconciled the past (Guro Industrial Complex, migration, women, the lives of the working class) from the present's perspective with the theme of Geumcheon-gu, women and labor; and eight of the nineteen housekeepers who had participated in the eight-week education program OO Talkative Project, known as Geumcheon Mrs.," and new member housekeepers had participated.

<Geumcheon Blues> was ultimately produced as an omnibus movie of the four parts of <Bridle>, <Sewing Machine Kim>, <Time Bus> and <Piano>, and the project was completed with a photography and installation exhibition and a film screening. For Lim it was personally another profound movie project and for "Geumcheon Mrs." it was of a wish to help their group continue. <Geumcheon Blues> was undertaken jointly with "Geumcheon Mrs." and people in various fields including Yoon Hye-ryun, Kim-shin Hyun-kyung, Kim So-hyun, Kim Min-kyung, Lee Kyung-wha, Lee Eun-seon, Chang Hyun-nam, Eon Cheo-ri, Lee Yong-hoon, Seo I-kyum, Moon Set-byeol, Kang Min-seok, Paik Kyung-min and Shin Eun-hee, et al.

- Works: