"Visit to a art-house" by Park Nung-saeng & In Jin-mi

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Visit to a art-house_Park Nung-saeng & In Jin-mi

- Period: 2012.05 ~ 2012.11
- Location: Around Geumcheon –gu area
- Workforce: 7 people (Artist Park Neung Saeng/In Jin Mi, Music Kang Min Seok, Assistants Bae Ji Yeop, Moon Seong Yun ets.)
- Participant: Total 1,362 people (participants 1,012 people, Spectators 350 people

- Artist’s note:
They were our favorite places to eat. The place where artists had their meals while in residence Korean Restaurant ('Sarangchae'), the local taste of soondae soup (Silbigip) and late-night dinner for nighttime hunger (Seven Princesses Covered Wagon) where we soothed our hunger at night... the restaurant owners whose only annual holiday is for a single day on Lunar New Year's Day, and who work hard in their lots in Geumcheon-gu where they have been making the same dishes with fresh ingredients for some twenty years. The owners who have always treated us warmly despite how their consistently repetitive daily routines lack the opening for them to seek interior redecoration or recreation.

While stuffing my mouth full of food I acquired curiosity regarding the stories of their lives, and I had the urge to infuse the restaurants in which they spend most of their days with some life. However, when I actually pointed a camera at them and suggested I would change their interior decorations, they who were weary from their busy routines at first waved their hands no. My work had begun after strenuous pursuit, and the owners smiled warmly while looking at the paint job, wallpapering and menu sign that an artist had designed, and displayed childlike joy, telling me they were able to take a day off thanks to me. The image of them becoming shy at seeing themselves on film but at the same time subtly displaying their pride to their families...
I am now friends with them. Warm friends whose families I ask about and who ask about mine, whose healths I worry for and who worry for mine, and who even serve me extra servings of delicious food.

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