Lee Lokyeong

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   Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
  Stays in: 2014
  Genre : Multimedia, Performance

2010 Diploma in Time art, Kaywon university of art & design, Uiwang-si, Korea
2010 Special study course in Contemporary art , Kaywon university of art & design, Uiwang-si, Korea

      Exhibition Records
(Selected Solo Exhibitions)

(Selected Group Exhibitions)
2013 15th Seoul maginal theater festival, <The Document of Blank : Yong-San>, Seoul
2013 Looptop & Video, Project Oksang, Seoul
2011 Housing project, gallery EON, Seoul
2011 Prohibition of excavation, Altspace POOL, Seoul
2010 AA' - Space Hamilton, Seoul
2010 Ghost - the invisible, platform slowrush, Incheon
2009 Pechakucha night vol.9, Kyunghee Palace, Seoul

       Residencies, Workshops
2014 Seoul art space Geumcheon

       Prizes and Grants
2014 GyeongGi Cultural Foundation, Art Surpport Program
 Collective Call Sign, HD, 20min, 2014
 식물관광투어, 퍼포먼스 기록영상, 2013
 백지의 기록 : 용산, HD, 30min, 2013
 Sandbag, HD, 4min 44sec(loop), 2011
 New Home, HDV, 10min35sec, 2010
ATM, DV, 4min 6sec, 2009

Beyond camera through camera
Kim Hae Joo(curator)

In the work of the artist, Yi Lo Kyung who is saying “I am interested in the relations made through camera", the images often don't become the results of the working, but the equipment making the relations. The audience observes the relations generated between the artist lifting a camera and his subject-the human being, or experiences the relations between the space where the images are staged and the work. And the performer appearing in the exhibition and screening often swallows the images as a part of the event. In these images which mostly friends around the artist appear, various situations such as the extempore situation, totally staged situation and the complex situation that everyday life itself is a documentary and the consciousness on the camera is expressed are shown. Although his works mixing the documentary and fiction tend more towards the fiction, it is rather mixed in one work, or interconnected with each other through the dual structure of the installation, than that it is clearly separated.
<Plants Travel Tours>(2013) is a tour style performance which shows the weeds which grow thick in substitute for the building in the vacant ground where the construction of Yongsan International Business District has been halted. One summer day, the camera follows the procession led by a guide who becomes the owner of this ruins, points out the weeds which are grew like a forest and says "It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?" through a megaphone. This makes a pair with the video, <The Document of Blank>(2013). One ballerina who puts on the white clothes mimicking "Giant's Ballet" commented by Renzo Piano who took a responsibility for the designing of the International Business District called "the biggest building project since Tangun [legendary founding father of Gojoseon]" dances on the heap of earth. Ice creams of all colors melt under a burning sun are lined up in substitute for the skyline and various characters like travellers, speculators create a certain situation in a wordless gesture. <The Document of Blank>(2013) is a video which we become to see in the point where 'Plants Travel Tours' ends. Both the images in the tour space and the tour in the images followed on the heels of another.
Like this, the artist used to juxtapose the background of the image with the place where the audience sees the images. <Hiding Service>(2015) is a virtual work which is made up of the confessions of the fugitive people with their own stories, and we can see the work through the very television in the hotel room where they've been hiding. The audience sits on the position where the character in the video confessed toward the camera. The audience seeing the video and the characters confessing are overlapped, and TV and camera, too.
In the case of <Avengers>(2014), the work isn't performed in the same space where shot the movie, but the performing space is also interlocked with the context of the filming. This work was made in response to the shooting of <Avengers : Age of Ultron> at Seoul in 2014. The artist paid attention to the irony of the situation that the public places all over the city are controlled for one American commercial movie, and created another movie in the same time, same place which the American movie was shot. In the movie, the artist intervenes with various scenes. For example, he sings under the controlled bridge in the banks of the Han-gang river, marches taking a selfie with a No Photography sign behind and plays the song, 'Auld Lang Syne' with the violin in the last shooting place. The shooting place and time of this work is entirely dependent on the schedule for filming <Avengers : Age of Ultron>, and the movie was also shown at the rented theater when <Avengers : Age of Ultron> was released in Korea. In this way, the space in the camera is always connected with the space and people beyond that. The video doesn't end in the past stopped images, but is reconstituted as a present event through being called to a certain place.
Recently, the artist started to accept the letter and the meaning which it embodies as a basis to create a new fiction. In <The clever man in between two dogs>(2015), the artist makes a new story from the form of Chinese character,'' which the meaning of 'words' exists between two letters meaning 'dog'. Although a letter can generate a new story, on the contrary, the artist begins to question even about the necessity of the letter itself. He started to imagine about the realistic prospect of the illiterate world, that is, the autonomous symbol system which the illiterate persons create, asking about how would the history and memory be written in the unliterary world.

Although in the artist's view about various controlled situations, development and ruins, we can know about his interest in the unreasonable aspects in our society, he contemplates rather to intervene into the hidden sides or contexts, than to focus and express anger on a event. To borrow the artist's own words, this is not to "enter into the place where the events exist, but intervene into the situations", and this is to juxtapose the playful behavior and virtual fable which can scoff at the heaviness of reality with the reality. In other words, he uses the way rather which shows the reality twisted a little, than which looks for the political, social critical materials and illuminates them it like they are. In this regard, I think that his way is more sensible than the way that overwhelmed all along by the shapes and weighs like a huge rock which is really untouchable in the process of digging deep into something. We can say that his way going back and forth between the documentary and fiction also reflects the way he intervenes into the reality. In this point, the camera operates as the mnemonic system and language that the artist who think of himself as an illiterate person discovers.