Sarah Mock

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Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
Stays in: 2014
Genre : Video art, Installation

Sarah Mock lives and works in Berlin, Germany

1984    in Worms, D
2013    Meisterschuler (postgraduate studies), Prof. Arslan/ Prof. Vedder, University of Fine Arts Berlin (UDK), D
2012    Bjørn Melhus, Academy of Fine Arts Kassel, D
2010-2011 studies at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno, CZ, Erasmus- scholarship
2007-2012 New Media class at Prof. Dieter Kiessling, Academy of Fine Arts, Mainz, D
2014   Emy-Roeder-Preis 2014 (Emy-Roeder-award)
finalist media arts competition FUTURE STORYTELLING, Haus der Kulturen der Welt ("House of the Cultures of the World") , Berlin
2013   award of the foundation for the advancement of Arts in Palatine 
(production stipend)
2012   award of the Mannheim art prize of the Heinrich Vetter- foundation
Gutenberg- award of the city of Mainz acquisition of the fine arts collection of Rhineland-Palatine
2010   student award for fine arts, Rheinland- Pfalz Bank

Exhibitions/ Festivals (sample)
2014   Future Storytelling, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (Oktober 2014)
International short- and longfilm videodays 2014 , G.A.S.-station, Berlin
Schon wieder Freitag der 13., The idling Gallery, Berlin
My own flesh and blood,@ 48h Neukolln, Berlin (K)
Exhibitions in the Hen House, Karlsruhe, D
See the Sound, Club Ausland, Berlin
backup_festival, Weimar, D (K)
Kill your darling in der Postapokalyptischen Kirmesbude, room installation in the UDK Berlin
Emy-Roder-award, Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, D (K)
All inclusive, Badstr.33a, Berlin
2013   Dokfest, Dokumentarfilm- und Videokunstfest Kassel (K), D
BLOWIN’ FREE, KunstVereineRuhr bei Emscherkunst, Dortmund, D
Das Wohnzimmer im Wohnzimmer, 3xKlingeln Mainz
Sarah Mock- Exhibition "award of the Mannheim Art prize of the Heinrich Vetter- foundation",
Mannheim, D (S, K)
peepshow, city hall Mainz, D
Cologne OFF VII,
@ 700is - Festival of Experimental Film, Nordic House Reykjavik/Iceland @ Aferro Gallery Newark/NJ/USA
@ Detmold International Shortfilm Festival
Blink, videoart Soekeland/ Beckers,
2012   Videozone Final with Georg Elben, City art hall, Mainz, D
Fluidum Festival, gallery K4, Praha, CZ
Kontingenzbewaltigungsstrategie, Academy of Fine Arts, Mainz, D (S, K)
Balmorale, Kunstlerhaus Balmoral, Bad Ems, D (K)
v_kunst Frankfurt, neue Klarheit, gallery Greulich, Frankfurt/ M., D (K)
2011   Kunststudentinnen und Kunststudenten stellen aus, exhibition hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, D (K) FILMIDEO, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, USA
backup_festival, Weimar, D (K)
Athens Video Art Festival, Athen, GRE
Bring your own shadowCaos Art Gallery, Venedig, I
Cologne OFF VII, u.a.
@ Carnival of e-Creativity, Sattal, IND @ National Cinematheque in Quito, EC @ art:screen - festival Orebro, S @ Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Film Festival Minsk, BLR @ 8th Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales, COL @ Waterpieces Contemporary Art & Videoart Festival,Riga, LV
@ Fine Art Film Festival Szolnok, H @ BuSho International Film Festival, Budapest, H @ Euroshorts Film Festival Gdansk, PL @ Shams – The Sunflower, Beirut, RL @ In Out Festival 2011,Laznia Contemporary Art Center, Gdansk, PL @ ExTeresa Arte Actual Mexico City, MEX @ Arte Video Roma Festiva, Rom, I @ Ionian International Digital Film Festival, Lefkas,GR
2010   fail better 2.2., exhibition hall, Mainz , D(K)
European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, D (K)
frames from the edge, gallery Marion Scharmann, Cologne, D
2009   full house, Satellit- ein Raum fur junge Kunst!, gallery Anita
Beckers, Frankfurt/ M., D
2008   Nachtwache, Akademie fur Bildende Kunste, Mainz, D
2007   Pishmo, Pengland 3., Mainz, D
"Verruckt“- aber wohin?, Pengland 3., Mainz, D
Exhibition view Kunststudentinnen und Kunststudenten stellen aus, exhibition hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, D, 2011

Inside out, 2009,
And when the last bug, 2010, 
Kill your darling, 2013, Videostill
Kill your darling, 2013, Videostill 
Exhibition view, Kill your darling in der Postapokalyptischen Kirmesbude, room installation in the UDK Berlin

(The Deluge, Die Flut), Sarah Mock,
Seoul 2014, 28:29 min, Original Full-HD.
The Purpose of the End
Jeon Sol Bi
In a narrative about an apocalypse, 'sign' always appears. The signs that the world is getting worse and going wrong or the marks that the observer can clearly sense something like the cancer sells which spread to the hole body, but the most people can't sense it at all.
Although the sizes are getting bigger and those numbers are increasing, due to the city's spectacles which snatch away people's eyes so strongly, these signs or marks don't show their sense of existence.
Therefore, what the people can do is just waiting and only prove the 'end' until the pouring rain doesn't stop and lasts for a long time, and until the human beings can't do nothing except for a desperate prayer for God.
"We used to forget the fact that the world is declining during this busy time."
Sarah Mock‘s work, <The Deluge, Die Flut> is a record which is observed and written down about the world leading to the end by the only person who can perceive these signs of catastrophe.
This is also a 'story about the world that is dying' like the narrative flowing from the golden vinyl record.
This documentary is made for showing the world in the face of the catastrophe, or, more correctly, the city where the human beings make but spoil again.
Naturally, it may not be pleasant to observe the signs of some disease appearing in the environment in where the 'human beings' are working, sleeping and shopping but the 'city' itself can't sleep in the meantime.
That is because we also face the ugly self-portraits of the human beings through the plastic surgery's advertising slogan that says "we give you the ideal beauty with the best design at the golden ratio." or the lifeless face expressions of the stuffed animals which are also the production of the human beings.
With the aim of skimming off the wrappings, that is, 'naturalness' which the human beings make by their manual labours, but forget the death that is right around the corner, and live intoxicated with immortality, the 'end' called the Deluge may have to prove those signs.
“If there is a person who discovers this, he will have the eyes that can see and the ears that can hear.”
The imagery toward the words which appear pessimistic, such as the catastrophe, the end, the end of the world and the last rather includes a irony which provides a opportunity for the people to change the future through dismantling and constructing the present.
That is because there is a hope that the person who witnessed the end of the past would never repeat the end of the present.
Therefore, we can say that the golden vinyl records are not left to inform how the end would really take place, but to inform how the symptoms would take shape before coming to an end. It is something like the flashback which can explain the present events and at the same time can predict the end by recalling the past or something like the human beings which have the attitude, 'memento mori' and live faithfully in the present.
So, if we remember that 'the purpose of the end' is always focused on the change which is feasible in the present, this narrative of the end wouldn't necessarily be read in a pessimistic way.