Lee Hyein

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Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
Stays in: 2014
Genre : Multimedia, Painting


2007 Completed Graduated School of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul
2005 BFA in Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul

Exhibition Records
(Selected Solo Exhibitions)
2014 The Second Life. Banjul-Schale. Seoul
2013 The Completed Moments. Daegue Art Museum. Daegu-si
2013 Sketch Book. Kunstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin
2011 Sunset on Your Cheeks. Brain Factory. Seoul
2010 Empty Address_ The Field in Front of Neunggok Station. UNC Gallery. Seoul
2008 Insentient Nature, Pyo Gallery, Seoul
2007 Upon The Roof, Woo Seok Hall, College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul

(Selected Group Exhibitions)
2014 Down the Magic Mountain.. Space MASS. Seoul.
Today's Salon.. Common Center. Seoul
Parallax View. LIG Art Space. Seoul
Spectators. DOOSAN Gallery. Soeul
2013 The 3rd Incheon Peace Art Project_Interview with 525,600hours of Baek Ryung island. Incheon Art Platform, Baekryung-do. etc.
Facination, And Unseen. Gallery Zandari. Seoul
Parallel World_ Artistic landscape. Zaha Museum. Seoul
2012 Painting, The creation and interpretaion of reality and healing (Jonggeundang Art Prize). Palais de seoul. Seoul
2012 Wanderers Unduped. Television 12. Seoul
2011 The sculpture with moonlight_ Lee hyein, Jung jaewook. Nanji Art gallery. Seoul
Bad romanticism. Arko Museum. Seoul
2010 Build_WooJin Baek, HyeIn Lee. Project Space SARUBIA DABANG. Seoul
Image of exchange value. Artspace HUE. Seoul
2009 Slum Megapolis, Alternative Space BANDI, Busan
Traveling Art Museum 2009_The tale of the Sun and the Wind, Yeong Cheon Art Studio & Eumseong Culture and Art Center, Gyeongbuk Yeong Cheon-si & Chungbuk Eumseong-gun
2008 Young Korean Artists 2008_ I AM AN ARTIST, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2007 Art in City Project 2007_ Taebaek Cheoram Memorial Wall 1.2, Taebaek, Gangwon, Korea
Song Eun Fine Art Award, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Joongang Fine Art Prize, Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2005 The Production of Space_College Fine Art Council Project Exhibition, Gallery 175, Seoul
Jamong(The Dreaming By Myself), Space Cell, Seoul
2003 Floating_ Hannam-dong Project, Seoul

Residencies, Workshops
2012 Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2011 Residency of 5th Nanji Art Studio(by Seoul Museum of Art), Korea
2009 Residency of 5th The National Art Studio Goyang, Korea

Prizes and Grants
2012 Jonggeundang Art Prize 2012
2011 The Sponsorship of Visual Arts, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
2010 The Sponsorship of Visual Arts, GyeongGi Cultural Foundation
2007 Joongang Fine Art Prize(selected)
Song Eun Fine Art Award(selected)