Lina Younes

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Lina Younes
2016 Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Emerging Artist Fellowship, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Graduate of SEAF, cohort 3, in partnership with Rhode Island School of Design
2008 American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Department of Architecture and Design
2007 Zhongnan Animation Video Company, Hangzhou, China
Internship in 3D animation on Maya software
2004 Rawdah High School, Beirut, Lebanon
Lebanese Baccalaureate, Life Sciences Section 

Festivals and Exhibitions
Present Animate Dubai International Film Festival
Founder and managing director of coming festival
2016 Community & Critique; SEAF 2015/16 Cohort 3 Show, Abu Dabi, UAE
Exhibited work from Salama Foundation Emerging Artist Fellowship program
2013-2016 SIKKA Art Fair, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Dubai, UAE
Manager and curator of the ‘The Animation Chamber’
2015-2016 Lest We Forget, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Exhibited installation in the competition for Warehouse 421 “1:100” competition
2013 Beirut Animated, Third Edition, Beirut, Lebanon
Member of both the Jury and the Artistic Direction team+ Panel moderator on independent animation in Lebanon: “Animation in education”; “Animation Producers and Funding Bodies”; “Local Animation Talent”
2012 KILK! International Animation Festival, Amsterdam
Stopmotion animation workshops assistant
Certificates and Workshops
2012 Stopmotion Animation Workshop, HelloWood, Mome Line, Hungary Puppetry
Intensive, DAMU, Czech Republic
Puppet Carving, Puppets in Prague, Czech Republic
Puppets for Animated Film, Puppets in Prague, Czech Republic
8 mm and 16 mm Film Workshop, LaBeirut, Lebanon
2011 Quantel V5 Certificate, MBC, UAE
‘Situated’, 48 Hour Film Project, UAE
2010 HD Certificate,  BBC, TwoFour54, UAE
‘Blackout’, Los Angeles Stop Motion Festival, USA
2009 Maya Certificate, SAE, UAE 

2013-present The Animation Chamber, Dubai, UAE
Founder, managing director, and curator
2009-2013 iddle East Broadcasting Center(MBC), Dubai, UAE
Promotion editor for MBC channels
2006-2008 American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
Assistant chair and supervisor (Department of Architecture & Design) 

Skills and Languages

Advanced Knowledge of: Dragonfram; Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, IN Design, and Premiere;Apple: Final Cut Pro; Quntel: eQ
Working knowledge of: Adobe: After Effects; Authodesk: Smoke and Maya
Spoken, written, and read: English and Arabic
Groups and Affiliations
Association international du Film d’Animation(ASIFA)-member
Film Festival Research Network (FFRN)-member
European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) -member

  • Works

Mise en Abyme-Placed into Abyss_Wood, mirrors, plasterVideo:

In repetition I find rhythm, and with rhythm come the regular, the alternating, the flowing and the progressive. If we think about the world as a pyramid scheme, mirrored, multiplied, and rotated 90 degrees, then we get a full spectrum of all humanity, blurring the starting point, and merging hierarchies. At the heart of it all is the human being, the individual as a single entity. The individual becomes various individuals, yet still viewed as a single entity with respect to the spatial axis. Investigating the core, zooming in, zooming out, the macro and the micro, exposes the differences of the same thing.

Alloys_Clay, wood, ceramics, copper, single-channel video

The container is an experimental experience of materials, objects and artefacts. 
The track is a compilation of sounds, changing with pace, rhythm, and tempo. 
The performance is improvised, the sounds are improvised, the objects are present, the container is the experience.

The Cat and the Hag_Wood

Larger than life moveable puppets (automata) are created to tell the story of Palestinian folktale. The puppets are cranked to come to life, the journey from one puppet(character) to another continues through the space.

Unica Horror Series_Props, sets, chocolate

We created 3 different miniature sets and their props, using different material, based on horror films scenes; Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby, and Jaws. We then animated the chocolate in each set. 
Video 1:
Video 2:
Video 3:

Puppets, sets, and animation_Paper, wood, wire, plaster

Creating puppets and sets for different formats of animation. The selection are personal works and works created during workshops and for festivals.