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David Helbich
e-mail : davidhelbich@gmail.com


From 1996, in Amsterdam, composition  
Between 2000-2002, in Freiburg, composition, (with Mathias Spahlinger)
In Amsterdam and in Freiburg, philosophy, (with a.o. Ute Guzoni).

2016 CC De Werf, Aalst, (photography)
2015 Le Clignoteur, Brussel (photography)
2014 Louis Hartloper Stichting, Utrecht (photography)
2014 Vrijstaat-O, Ostend,(photography)
2008 Odradek, Ghent, (sound installations)


Group Shows
2017 Fabulous Failures, Botanique, Brussels (photography)
2016 Schule der Distanz, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin (big scale outdoor installation)
2015 Socially Acceptable, inCube Arts Gallery, New York City (2 works with 4 prints and two postcards)
2015 Do Disturb, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (prints of 15.000 audience scores)
2015 Art Rotterdam (Intersection), Tale of a Tub gallery, Rotterdam (prints (1000 audience scores)
2015 The future = Beurssc50uwburg, Brussels, (audio guide & facade installation)
2014 Citadel, Citadel'arte, Diest (big scale outdoor painting)
2014 Argos Art Center, Silver Bliss #3..,Brussels, (photography)
2014 train station, FASadE, Amersfoort (photography)
2014 Resonance, Skan II, LU Botanical Garden, Riga, (audio guide, book + sound)
2014 Lydgalleriet, Resonance / Borealis, Bergen, (audio guide, book + sound)
2013 Intro In Situ, Resonance, Maastricht, (audio guide, book + sound)
2013 A3 Project Space, Birmingham(print of spectator score)
2013 Festival of Flanders, Kortrijk, 2013 (audio guide, book + sound)
2012 Beursschouwburg, I Fail Good, (permanent facade installation)
2012 Clarke Gallery, public & private spaces, Birmingham, (print of spectator score)
2004 Argos Festival, Brussels, (video, with Boris Baltschun)

Permanent + On-going
2015 Trying to look like a building, photo series, social media,
2013 Scores for Body & Buildings, Bozar/Brussels, Van Nelle/Rotterdam, Palais de Tokyo/Paris
2013 No Music (earpieces), audience scores in printed publications
2013 City Tracks, audio guide scores for Kortrijk, Brussels, Riga, Bergen, Maastricht 
2012 What People Say, facade installation, Brussels, 
2008 Belgian solutions, social media photo collection

Festivals & exhibitions
The New Normal, Istanbul
fabulous failures (E.Kessel), Botanique, Brussels
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels
Kammerklang, Café Oto, London
P! - Performance na Esfera Pública, Lisbon
The New Normal, Beirut
rainy days, Philharmonie Luxembourg
Schule der Distanz, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
Meakusma Festival, Eupen
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
CC De Werf, Aalst
inCube Arts, New York City
UnionDocs, New York City
Le Clignoteur, Brussels
Do Disturb!, Palias de Tokyo, Paris
Beurssc50uwburg, Brussels
Big Bang Festival, Opera de Lille
Winter School, Q-O2, Brussels
Citadel'arte, Diest
Silver Bliss #3, Argos, Brussels
FASadE, exhibition train station, Amersfoort
Big Bang Festival, Lisbon, Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels
Flemish Film Festival, solo exhibition, Utrecht
Wanderlust Festival, Ixelles
Borealis Festival, Bergen/No
Vrijstaat-O, solo-exhibition, Ostend
Still Walking Festival, Birmingham
Resonance soundart, Maastricht
Kortrijk Congé, Kortrijk
A3 Project Space, Birmingham
Tuned City, Brussels
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussel
Festival of Flanders Kortrijk, Kortrijk
FRAME, Clarke Gallery, Birmingham
I Fail Good, Beursschouwburg, Brussels
Festival of Flanders Kortrijk, Kortrijk

Projects, pieces, concerts & performances
- SCORES FOR THE BODY, THE BUILDING…, audience scores & publication, Sao Luiz Teatro, Lisbon
- MUSIC IN 24 PIECES, The New Normal, group exhibition, Beirut
- PHOTO SERIES, 12 pieces (6 pages) in architecture magazine A+, Brussels
- HEAD AND PHONES, LAND AND SCAPE,…, audio guide, Meakusma Festival, Eupen
- SCORES FOR THE OUDE KERK, audience scores & performances, Nachtelijke Dwalingen &
Museumnacht, Amsterdam
- BE THERE, DO THIS, big scale installation, Berliner Festspiele, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS - VOLUME II, phonebook, Luster, Antwerp
- 29 WEIRD SHOTS, photo series with 29 pieces (20x30cm), festival catalogue, Philharmonie Luxembourg
- THIS WHOLE WORLD IS WILD AT HEART…, audio guides & score book & performances, Rainy Days
Festival, Philharmonie Luxembourg
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS SOLO EXHIBITION, photo show, big scale prints, CC de Werf, Aalst
- MOUNT TACKLE, soundscape for theatre production by Heike Langsdorf, Kaaitheater, Brussels
- ESSAYS in Musiktexte #149, Köln & Positionen #108, Berlin
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS - VOLUME 1, re-publishing book, new publisher, Luster, Antwerp
- TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A BUILDING, photo series, social media, NYC, …
- HOTEL SCORES, self-performative installation, 24h residency, ACE Air, ACE Hotel, Manhattan, NYC
- NO MUSIC - EARPIECES, performance, UnionDocs, Brooklyn, NYC
- NO VIEW - EYEPIECES & NO IMAGE, group exhibition, inCube Arts, Manhattan, NYC
- WALK & EARPIECES, Fulton Street Mall, Brooklyn, NYC
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS SOLO EXHIBITION, photo show, Le Clignoteur, Brussels
- SIX SCORES FOR THE BODY, BUILDING & SOUL, Do Disturb!, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
- performer in 'Time has fallen asleep ...' by M. Edvardsen, Maerzmusik, Berlin
- BRUSSELS TRACKS, performative guide, Beursschouwburg, Brussels
- SIX SCORES FOR THE BODY, BUILDING & SOUL, Tale of a Tub, Art Rotterdam, Van Nelle factory
- NO MUSIC: EARPIECES, performance, Van Nelle factory, Art Rotterdam & W139, Amsterdam
- NO MUSIC: FOR EARCHESTRA, composition, Big Bang Festival, Opéra de Lille
- NO MUSIC: THE REHEARSAL PERFORMANCE, winter school festival Q-O2, Brussels
- BE THERE, DO THIS, group show, Citadel Diest
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS, group show, ARGOS, Brussels
- NO MUSIC: FOR EARCHESTRA, Big Bang Festival, Ictus, Lisbon, Antwerp, Brussels
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS, group show, Traverse Station Amersfoort
- performer in 'Time has fallen ...' by M. Edvardsen, Szene Salzburg, Kana Festival, Szczezin
- RIGA TRACKS, book + sound tracks, audio guide, Resonance, SKAN II festival, Riga
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS EXHIBITION, solo show, Flemisch Film Festival, Utrecht
- HOW WAS THE AUDIENCE TONIGHT?, installation, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels
- BERGEN TRACKS, book + sound tracks, audio guide, Resonance, Lydgalleriet/Borealis Festival, Bergen
- DRAG & DROP, Wanderlust Festival Ixelles
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS EXHIBITION, solo show, Vrijstaat-O, Ostend
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS - Volume 1, photo book 301 pictures, MER. Paper Kunsthalle, Ghent
- NO MUSIC - earpieces - a performative rehearsal, Dasarts, Vooruit, Ghent
- DRAG & DROP, social choreography, Still Walking Festival, Birmingham
- MAASTRICHT TRACKS, book + sound tracks, audio guide, Resonance, Intro in Situ, Maastricht
- TO POOL, conceptual card game, Kortrijk Congé, Kortrijk
- OUTCUT, album release, early sound-pieces on label surfacenoise, Brussels
- KEIN-BILD, A3 works group exhibition, A3 Project Space, Birmingham
- DRAG & DROP, social choreography for Tuned Cities Festival, Brussels
- BELGIAN SOLUTIONS, press pieces, on national TV channels (DW/ARD, POLSAT, ORF)
- performer in 'Time has fallen asleep’ by M. Edvardsen, Literaturfestival, Trondheim/NO + KFDA, Brussel
- KORTRIJK TRACKS, book + sound tracks, audio guide, Resonance Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk
- NO MUSIC - earpieces - a performative rehearsal, residence and showing, Q-O2, Brussels
- KEIN-BILD, FRAME_birmingham, Clarke Gallery, Birmingham
- WHAT PEOPLE SAY, permanent outdoor installation, Beursschouwburg, Brussels
- KEIN-BILD, Joint Stock, Clarke Griffiths Levine, Birmingham
- KEIN-BILD, Berlin/Birmingham/Beyond, Clarke Gallery, mac birmingham
- PUBLIC SOUNDS from Kortrijk & Jerusalem, outdoor sound-installation, Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk
- HALLO 5, composition for air-guitar, Little Leeds Fringe Festival / Focam, Leeds
- How was the audience tonight?, research residence, Stuk, Leuven
- performer in 'Time has fallen asleep...' by Mette Edvardsen, Marstrand/Oslo, Fierce Festival/Birmingham,
MIR Festival/Athens
- Tourist in Your Own City, interactive book, Human Cities Festival, Brussels

2017 Belgian solutions - Volume 2, photo book 300p., published by Luster, Antwerp
2016 (first MER , Ghent 2013) Belgian solutions - Volume 1, photo book 300p., published by Luster, Antwerp 

2013 OUTCUTS, album (CD & online) of 18 sound compositions, at Sur facenoise, Brussels

Compositions in concert 
with Ensemble Modern (Frankfurt), GAME-Ictus (Brussels), Maulwerker (Berlin), Tom Pauwels (Brussels),
Scenatet (Kopenhagen), Plus-Minus Ensemble (London), Ensemble 2000 (Aarhus), ...

- Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt - compositions and masterclasses
- Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht - masterclass
- p.a.r.t.s., dance school, Brussels - course 'The Art of Listening'
- Sead, dance school, Salzburg - course 'The Art of Listening'
- Montclair University, New Jersey, USA - workshop self-performativity
- KASK, Ghent - theater mentoring
- Sint Lucas, Anwerp - masterclass 'performativity and practice'
- LUCA - School of Arts (photography) - masterclasses social media and performative photography
- a.pass, post-master studies, Brussels - artist mentoring
- MANAMA/Ictus Ensemble - music ensemble mentoring
- suede36- architects, Brussels - workshops on public space intervention
- Académie Royal des Beaux-Arts (urban space),
- Pianofabriek, Brussels - workshop 'public space performances'
- Borealis Festival, Bergen/NO - workshop 'public space performances'

Collaborations and performer
with and for Heike Langsdorf (choreographer, DE/BE) Mette Edvardsen (choreographer, NO/BE), Eszter
Salamon (choreographer, DE/FR), Shila Anaraki (dancer, DE/BE), Alwynne Pritchard (composer, No),
Maulwerker (vocal ensemble, DE), Matthew Shlomowitz (composer, AUS)

Publications in magazines of text and/or images
in A+ (BE), The Metropolitan Laboratory (D), Musiktexte (D), Positionen (D), rainy days/Philharmonie
Luxembourg catalogue (LU), Klankenbos/Musica exhibition catalogue (B), Gonzo Magazine (NL), Stempel
Magazine (BE), RTRSRCH (NL), public spheres/Europan 07 (D), everybody's publication (DK, FR), 'Autograftidsskrift
for Kunstmusik' (DK), 'etcetera' (B)...
De Morgen (BE), De Standaard (BE), Die Zeit (DE), Le Soir (BE), Knack (BE),

Urban (walk) performances 
in a.o. Brussels, New York, Aarhus, Oslo, Bergen, Birmingham

Social-artistic projects
for a.o. Festival Kanal, Micronomics Festival (both Brussels), Borealis (Bergen)

2008 Artist-curator
for the workspace Nadine, Brussels

Awards & scholarships

2016-2018 scholarship for artistic development, supported by ‘Flanders. State of the arts.’ 
2015 scholarship and residency at Residency Unlimited NYC, supported by Arts & Heritage Flanders
2014 nomination at Prix Fernand Baudin for Belgian solutions-Volume I (photo book)
2013/14 selected artist for the european sound art network 'Resonance'
2012/2013 scholarship for artistic development supported by VGC (Brussels)
2011 1st price at the ad-libitum composition competition (Netzwerk Süd Stuttgart) for piano book 
2010 selection of the public intervention piece Shouting by Sport Festival, Aarhus and ICMC, New York

Be there, do this
sign board installed inside the museum, 60x40cm dipond with score and text, view from top floor of the Martin-Gropius-Bau
2,5km yellow

Be there, do this
view from top floor of the Martin-Gropius-Bau, 2,5km yellow neon tape

realized for the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, 2017
and the Citadelle (military baracks) in Diest, 2014

Ground score for walking choreography for passer-bys and audiences of public squares

Scores for the Church, the Building, the Body and the Audience
score sheet, handed out to every audience member, A3 paper, riso or offset print

Seven pieces for self-performing visitors about hearing, touching, seeing and playing for the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, 2016

The paper sheet with the scores is also the instrument. Every piece leaves more and more traces on the paper until it is finally ripped apart.

​Scores for the Church, the Building, the Body and the Audience
6. leaning piece

Some Scores for the Body, the Building and Soul
score sheet, A3, riso-print, handed out to every audience member

Some Scores for the Body, the Building and Soul
“2. Cheers Valie Export”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2015

Realized for the Palais de Tokyo (Paris 2015), Bozar (Brussels 2014), San Luiz Teatro
(Lisbon 2017), Mechelenplein (Antwerp 2015) and Van Nelle Factory (Rotterdam, 2015)

A series of self-performance pieces for various cultural landmarks in an atampt to revitalize and use bodly concepts from various, mainly visual artists. The design of the prints varies for each setting.

Head and Phones, Land and Scape, Night or Day, all one Shape
audio-guide with instructions and compositions for self-performative audience with openheadphones, 60min

11 tracks for the land, the meadows, hills and paths behind the Meakusma Festival site in Eupen (BE), 2016

Belgian solutoions
Volume 2, Luster 2016, with 302 photos

Belgian solutoions
exhibition at CC De Werf Aalst, 2016

Belgian solutions is an ongoing, open collection of photos, presented since 2008, first mainly on Facebook, since 2013 in books, and exhibitions.

The books Volume one and Volume 2 are published by LUSTER (Antwerp) and were reprinted several times meanwhile.

from under - grafitti scores
​Four vocal interventions for spaces with long reverb.
“from under - 4. cough”, Diest, 2014

from under - grafitti scores
Four vocal interventions for spaces with long reverb.
“from under - 1. shout & 2. sing”, Diest, 2014

Realized in the Citadelle (military baracks) in Diest, 2014

The graphics realte to the grafittis left behind in other spaces in the same building by the former inhabitants of the space In DIest, the soldiars of the air force. The yellow lines also use elements of the ground-score “Be there, Do this”, which was at the same
time painted to the parade square for the same exhibition.

Album, published 2013 on the label Surfacenoise

The album contains a series of wildly cut field-recordings resulting in a hyper realistic close-reading of the sound material.

No Music - earpieces
compositions for manipulated ears.
extract from No Music for catalogue of the sculpture park Klankenbos in Belgium

 Series of pieces and acts, since 2010

No Music - earpieces
compositions for manipulated ears. 
 performative version

International summer courses for contemporary musci Darmstadt, 2014
Series of pieces and acts, since 2010

Comes in print and/or live performances, scores
for self-performing or conducted audience in various situations, set-ups and contexts.
“No Music is no music, but still a musical experience. No music, still for your ears.”