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Cleverson Luiz Salvaro

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2010 Master in Fine Arts, PPGAV University of Santa Catarina State, Brazil
2001 Graduated in Art Education, Arts College of Paraná, Brazil


2018 eira alheia, Central Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil 
2018 desob., with Carolina Santana, Mama/Cadela, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 
2016 leaks, containments, (vazamentos, contenções,), Orlando Lemos Gallery, Nova Lima, Brazil
2015 facade (fachada), Memorial Minas Gerais Vale, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2014 AREA OF (ÁREA DE), Gallery of Art GTO, Sesc Palladium, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


2018 EACH TIME CLOSER, Curitiba, Brazil 
2017 Frestas - Triennial of Arts: Between pos-truths and events, Sesc Sorocaba, Brazil
2016 and again mountain, river, sea, jungle, forest, Sesc Palladium, Belo Horizonte Brazil
2015 20 years, Ybakatu Art Space, Curitiba, Brazil
2015 last, Romano Stochiero, 54, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2015 LIMIAR, SIM Gallery, Curitiba, Brazil
2014 THE OBVIOUS UNLIKELY, Farol Art Gallery, Curitiba,Brazil
2014 GR_VE, Curatorial Lab SP-Arte (Traplev), São Paulo, Brazil


2018 FOCO Bradesco/ArtRio Award, CAMPO, Teresina and FUMDHAM, São Raimundo Nonato, Brazil
2017 Frestas - Triennial of Arts: Between pos-truths and events, Sesc Sorocaba, Brazil
2016 Chão SLZ, São Luís, Brazil 
2016 #1Residência SARACVRA, Espaço Saracura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2013 Bolsa Iberê Camargo 2013, Iberê Camargo Foundation and CRAC, Valparaiso, Chile
2013 Residencies Program Re:USO, JA.CA, Nova Lima and Belém, Brazil
2010 Bolsa Pampulha 2010-11, Museu de Arte da Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

lost time (tempo perdido)
watch band parts found on the city’s streets
Rio de Janiro, Brazil, 2016


wood containment (contenção de madeira)
wood and concrete waste, 2016

Hovel Batel (Tugúrio Batel)
Ybakatu Espaço de Arte, Curitiba, Brazil

On a street that concentrates a series of modernist architectural experiences built in Curitiba between the 1950s and 1960s, this shack was erected in the backyard of a house only with materials found in space that would otherwise be discarded or were useless (cabinets, doors glass, ceramic tiles, lamps, plants, etc.) By a crooked way this shelter follows the same principles of the other houses in the street.

facade (fachada)
Memorial Vale Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Reproduction of stretch of the facade building where it was exposed,
Built with wood, cardboard, plastic, styrofoam, fabric, plaster and paint. The room was divided into two parts with access to both sides.

Bolsa Pampulha 2010/2011, Museu de Arte da Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“I understand the strike as a process that goes beyond a form of claim, is a state of suspension of any activity for an indefinite period, a break. Similarly, visiting an exhibition in a museum may be a disruption of normal activities, a time suspension.”