Nancy Diniz

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2013 PhD in Architecture, Bartlett Graduate School, University College of London, UK
2003 MSc in Virtual Environments, Bartlett Graduate School, University College of London, UK
2000 Masters in Urban Design, ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal
1998 Five year Professional Diploma in Architecture, Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon, Portugal


2016 Embryonic Spaces, ‘ARE WE HUMAN’ 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey 
2016 Interfacing the Skin - Biometrics and Biofabrication in Architectural Design, ACSA International Conference, Santiago de Chile, Chile
2016 To Scale, EYEBEAM, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2015 MUSHRICE Series, Milano Expo, Milano, Italy
2014 Body Architectures for Unstable Environments (with Anderson, B.), Clouds Pavilion(an uninvited pavilion for the 2014 Venice Biennale), Venice, Italy
2014 Anatomy of a Prototype, 'Design and Research: Shared Territories', Design Research Institute, XJTLU, Suzhou, China
2013 Close Closer (Associated Project with Anderson B. “Breathe the air we share”), Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Lisbon, Portugal
2008 Nausea Tranformer, the Centre of the Living Science (Permanent), Mines of Lousal, Lousal, Portugal 
2008 Body Tailored Space, Slade Research Centre, Slade School UCL, The Body Project Symposium, London, UK 
2007 Portugal Now: Country Positions in Architecture and Urbanism, Portuguese Architects, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
2007 Life Speculatrix, Dislocate ’07, Tokyo, Japan
2005 Video Pixel Wall, WIP Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2004 City of Gestures (with Branco, C.), Science & Arts Research Labs Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
2003 City of Gestures, Bartlett Summer Show, London, UK


2016 2016 MacDowell Colony Residency Fellowship, 
2015-2016 2015 EYEBEAM Residency Fellowship, Brooklyn NY

2016 Workshop Cluster Winner, Smart Geometries 2016 (in co-authorship with CASE Team), The Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenberg, Sweden
2015 Honorary Mention 'Closed Worlds' STOREFRONT Competition - 'Green Box' (in co-authorship with CASE Team)
2015 Honorable Mention, ‘MUSHRICE Series’ for international competition ‘Solutions’ Milano Expo 2015, Milan, Italy(with Boqun Hai, Anqi Huo, Alexandria Frisbie)
2014 High Commendation, 'Most Innovative Teaching Practice' category XJTLU Teaching Prizes 2014. SIP Suzhou, China

Embryonic Spaces
body devices, bacterial cellulose, biometric and environment sensors, microprocessors, 2016
EYEBEAM, Residency, RESCALE Exhibition, Brooklyn NY

Liquid Actuated Elastomers
Soft Robotics made from silicone modules actuated by water through light sensing, 2016
in collaboration with Frank Melendez

Interactive Installation, Inflatable Structure, Biometric and Environmental Data Sensing and Visualization, 2016
IACC Summer School, New Lab, Brooklyn Navy Yard 
in collaboration with Frank Melendez, Marcella del Signore, Pietro Leoni and Carmen Wedge

biomaterial wearable prototype, mycelium, agricultural waste and latex,2015
Honorry Mention Prize by SCOPA and Exhibited at Milano Trienalle, Milan Italy

Urban Sensing Device
air quality sensors, temperature and humidity, arduino microcontroller, GPS, 2014