Im Heung-soon & Mrs.Geumcheon

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VERY PRIVATE MUSEUM, Video&installation, 시간, 2011

VERY PRIVATE MUSEUM, Archive, variable size, 2011

Mix Rice Leaflet 2002-2005
Mixrice is a project team researching and suggesting alternative ways of proceeding art and cultural activities. As a first project we have been involved in series of activities such as media programs for immigrated workers, video diaries, and channels. The 2 members of the group are Cho Jieun, Im Heungsoon, We do not specify a particular role for the each member, but work together on general plans, media education classes, video editing and channel management.

Seongnam Project Installation View, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, 1998

Seongnam Project is a 'transforming group' whose name and participants change with situation. It is organized by Kim Hong-bin, Kim Tae-hun, Park Yong-suk, Park Chan-kyong, Im Heung-soon, and Cho Ji-eun. It takes Korean city between 1998-1999 as its subject.
In the exhibitions during 1998-99 at Seoul Museum of Art and Seongnam City Hall, 'Seongnam Project' emphasized the fact that we were providing specific information. We wished for the audience to pay attention to how we processed information. For instance, visual order of diagrams and statistics serve dual functions; they are economic tool of communication in the form of in-between image and language. At the same time, they also indicate the uninteresting redundancy of bureaucratic system. We wanted to reveal the basic fact that Seougnam and Bundang were both constructed on pestle and cement at the (state's) administrative convenience. We mainly tried 'strange' combination of architectural imagination(as parody of development ideology) and statistical order(as parody of bureaucracy) when choosing material, media, and form. We emphasized that most public art in Seongnam area were thoroughly subordinate to the interest(especially financial interest) of artists, and that such phenomenon was in steep contrast with expansion of public realm. The exhibition which insisted on 'active amateurism,' based on the model of a famous old market(Moran Market), came about while reflecting upon desecularization of the arts and pursuing new approach to publicness.