Joanna Ebestien

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Joanna Ebestien (apexart/ 2011)

Ongoing Projects

1. Morbid Anatomy Blog
Morbid Anatomy: Surveying the Interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture
“Morbid Anatomy: Surveying the Interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture” is a popular and respected blog which I administrate, write, design, photograph, curate and manage. On the blog, I showcase medical artists past and present, medical art related auctions and exhibits, and report on artists working at the interstices of medicine, science, and art. I also provide a comprehensive collection of links to on-line exhibitions about medical and scientific art, an extensive bibliography, and links to medical and natural history museums around the world. The blog is visited by over 2500 people from all over the world daily, hosts an active comment board, is used in university classes, and has been widely sited and reviewed. (June 2007-present)

2. Morbid Anatomy Library
The Morbid Anatomy Library is an artist library project. It houses the ever-growing collection of books,
catalogues, photographs, articles, images and artifacts used as source material for the ongoing Morbid
Anatomy project and is open to the public. Work has just begun to digitize the collection of images and make them available to the public. The Library is part of the Proteus Gowanus Interdisciplinary Gallery and Reading Room in Brooklyn, New York. (October 2008 to the present)

3. Observatory
“Observatory” is a collaborative exhibition/presentation/classroom/screening space in the Gowanus district
of Brooklyn; I am the founding member and present programming here under the rubric of “Morbid Anatomy Presents.” Events thus far have included a Day of the Dead party, lectures by professors on topics ranging from Anatomical Waxes to Wunderkammer, and art exhibitions. Full line of up past and future events on the website. (February 2009 to present)

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